Dylan Chan

It's All Coming Back To Me Now (2022)

Digital Image on Cotton Pulp Paper. Series of 5
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, is a series of long exposure images that were inspired by the experiences on this trip. As he wove in and out of the city, he became very aware of his body’s situation at the time and place, but upon returning home, the events started becoming murky, as if the experiences throughout the trip were collapsing onto one other.
  The practice of weaving holds significance to the cultural heritage of the Sarawakians, as such he wanted to pay homage to that via his own means of interpretation, creating a series of images that articulated the movement of the body moving through space and playing around with the visuals taken from this experience.

Dylan Chan is a Singapore-based artist whose practice sits on the cusp between image making and object making, and reexamines the ways in which the body positions itself within the domestic and its phenomenological response towards objects. His work focuses on the abstract instances from everyday life and draws from personal memories and reminiscences centred around intimacy.
In trying to articulate the subtle nuances of the personal, he observes the ways in which the body navigates the boundaries between the private and public by examining the various thresholds the body crosses. In exploring these themes, he brings into focus the politics of our own agency and capacity for self-reflection, which surrounds the ways in which we dwell in spaces and what we live with.