Harshita Agarwal

In memory of Sarawak......, at Singapore (2022)

Image transfer, graphite and embroidery on canvas roll

In memory of Sarawak......, at Singapore explores the notion of experiencing a place from a distance. Constituting my impression of Sarawak, the work traces the memory of the place as recalled in Singapore. Experience is ‘all the modes by which a person knows and constructs reality’ (Yi-Fu Tuan). The work is in response to the inability of visiting or being present at a particular time in a specific environment.
It uses constructed reality as a way to communicate with the space or place. This process allows me to experience Sarawak through pictures or others' memories. By emphasising the missed moments, the work uses unfamiliar visuals to juxtapose found images from Sarawak, creating a layer of superficial feelings towards the place that had been experienced.

Harshita Agarwal is a visual artist who takes a mixed media approach to investigate general human behaviour and setting in a particular landscape. She works on field-based artworks and experiments with the materiality of the land which complements her other art-making approaches such as mark-making, image-making, mapping and weaving.