Kara Inez

Tirupati body threads

Hair, fishing line, dried plants, rocks, coconut, straw, hooks, dried chili, wire, towel, twig
Dimensions variable,2019

Kara is a Malaysian artist who draws from her personal experiences to touch on issues surrounding the female body and mental health through mediums such a performance art and sculpture. She is known for the use of silicone and abject materials in her works such as hair and skin to invoke the feeling of disgust in her
audience as a means to challenge the social constructs set in place surrounding
these suppressed topics.
She recently graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a First Class BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Arts (2019). She has exhibited i galleries such as Gajah Gallery (Singapore), White Box (Kuala Lumpur), Kult Gallery (Singapore), Minut Init (Kuala Lumpur) and performed for the Wu Wei Performance Series 3 (Singapore).