Raigo Law

Raigo’s practice researches on the bio-organic materiality of forms, texts and ontological systems; interfacing the imageries on the molecularity of cellular structures and the development of micro-macro organisms in the constructed chart of evolution; [evo-devo] / delivering ‘it’ through installations with the employment of a range of sculptural mediums and unconventional items; modifying and exploiting the irregularities and inconsistencies of surfaces.


It's cumulative, not singular

Aluminium extrusion, silicone on plastic film, metal chains, metal hooks, LED light, LED light with programmer, high definition digital video projection of live feed from surveillance camera, 16:9 aspect ratio, colour, silent
high-definition digital video projection, 16:9 aspect ration, colour, silent projection, 3 hours. projection of live feed: continuous
Dimensions Variable , 3 parts, 2019