Shazwany Aziz


Paper Collage and Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable , 2018

The realms of the unknown and the known of the everyday intrigues Shazwany. By being both an observer and a participant, her work unfolds out of a deep fascination to use the metaphor of movement to express and capture the fleeting moments of daily life, where she uses them as subjects for her work. Materials such as time, space, situations and unspoken ideas are used, carried out via drawing, printmaking and painting. She views the drawing form as a representation of motion – of how it starts and ends in movement. It can carry on without closure or completion, continually part of a process, neverending.

Shazwany is an artist, children’s art teacher and web developer who works and lives in Singapore. Often intrigued by the unknown and the known of the everyday, Shazwany uses time, space, situations and unspoken ideas to capture the fleeting moments of everyday life. Working predominantly in drawings, collage, paintings and prints, the abstract language is explored by way of textures, tones, shapes and patterns within a composition.

Her work has been exhibited around Singapore, and is the recipient of several awards, Project Protege Award from Yayasan Mendaki (2012), The Winston Oh Travel Award (2009) and the Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Award (2007).
 She also has been featured in a variety of local media outlets, including profile interviews with D+A (Design and Architecture) Magazine, Suria MediaCorp, Berita Harian and She is a member of Singapore Contemporary Young Artists, where she has participated in a variety of community projects. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2010 from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.